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G.J.Wallace was born in Australia, but has travelled widely and kept his eyes open and taken in much of what was going on.  His education was in Psychology, and he has worked as a Psychologist and Teacher for nearly four decades.  But his greatest asset is his sense of humour… and he believes that an active sense of humour can help a person make sense of the otherwise chaotic world around them.  Even politics. Yes… politics, hey… ya gotta laugh!

Working on the premise that you get the politicians you deserve, this eight book series The Honest Politician is a satirical account of the contemporary world through the eyes of a politician… but not just any politician… one with a difference… a big difference… one who tries to be open and honest just like we all do… well, most of the time.  But he finds that it isn’t easy. 

The stories are not issues based, because issues come and go.  They are people based, and people are here to stay… and all the nuances and foibles, strengths and weaknesses, highs and lows, positives and negatives of the human experience are examined ,exposed, dealt with… and laughed at.

But please be warned… these are not just stories about the argy-bargy of politics… there are many home truths, belly laughs and cutting insights… but there is a whole lot more.  This is satire at its powerful best aimed at the many unique characters and groups, and the fractious and divisive issues that are found in contemporary life.  This rich and amusing tapestry will be unwoven and revealed before your very eyes… but through his eyes.

He loves hearing from readers, so please feel free to contact him.

The Honest Politician

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