The Honest Politician

Politics, hey!…
ya gotta laugh…

but especially if you’re looking through the eyes of a politician. So, let’s have a look at our contemporary world through the eyes ofa politician… but not just any politician… one with a difference… a big difference…one who tries to be open and honest… well, most of the time. It isn’t easy. But please be warned… these are not just stories about the argy-bargy of politics… there are many home truths, belly laughs and cutting insights… but there is a whole lot more. This is satire at its powerful best aimed at the many unique characters and groups, and the fractious and divisive issues that are found in contemporary life.
This rich and amusing tapestry will be unwoven and revealed before your very eyes… but through his eyes.

The Honest Politician - Book 1


Book 1

1. The Elderly.
2. The Unemployed.
3. Teenagers.
4. The Homeless.
5. Business People.
6. Ponzi Schemers.

The Honest Politician - Book 2


Book 2

7. Sex and Drugs.
8. The Media.
9. Fundraisers.
10. Urban Terrorists.
11. Local Identities.
12. Newlyweds.

The Honest Politician - Book 3


Book 3

13. Retirees.
14. Vigilantes.
15. Gamblers.
16. Image Consultants.
17. Shock Jocks.
18. Deniers.

The Honest Politician - Book 4


Book 4

19. Veterans.
20. The Church Media.
21. Volunteers.
22. Whistleblowers.
23. Health Practitioners.
24. The Family.

The Honest Politician

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